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I wish they'd write more rock songs rather than the ballads. Ballads are great an all but anything more than 1 ballad to 2 rock songs is too much. Because there are some cool rock songs - raise your hands, let it rock, you give love a bad name. The ballads are good but they get irritating.

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What I always liked about Bon Jovi was the fact they they are all very talented musicians. David Bryan, the keyboardist, is really really good, he can play anything! Sambo is just great too, he plays with his heart and knows how to entertain a crowd. Tico Torres, on drums, is great too, never cared much about the two bassists though, werent really amazing, except for the intro to Keep The Faith, that was great! and Jon himself sang with his heart and soul and had a great voice, back in the day. They really had a great stage presence, and surely knew how to put up a great live show. They maybe played a little too much with their image lately though, with Crush, Bounce, This Left Feels Right.....I do hope the next album (coming out this fall) will rock more than those three last ones. Keep the Faith and These Days were simply amazing, in my opinions, lyrically and musically. songs like Keep The Faith, Something To Believe In, My guitar lies bleeding in my arms, These Days, If I was Your Mother, and many more just gets right to me. I just wish they could go back to their roots and rock much more. Lately they have been a deception to me. But I cant help living in the past, because they used to be great talented band.

and to all those who thinks Bon Jovi is only about Jon, get your facts straight, they are a BAND. jon couldnt make it on his own. yes his solo albums were quite good, but nothing compared to what the other guys help him doing

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