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The most amazing guitarist ever


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He's amazing and very talented. I believe he's also the fastest guitarist out there.

He's my 2nd favourite Shredder (after Ritchie Blackmore)

His music doesn't go much past the "wow" factor though, i couldn't listern to it out of enjoyment.

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Haha, you know how matt sorum shouts when he's playing the drums, well steve vai does the same thing and it's funny. His playing is a lot more listenable than many other shredders, satriani and him are the only shredders that i like.

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Steve Vai is the best guitarist in the world. The music he composes is simply sublime and is not all fret wankery ala Gilbert or Malmsteen.

Listen to "For The Love Of God" and tell me this man can't compose some of the finest guitar based music ever.

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