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Pink Floyd vs. AC/DC


Which band do you like better?  

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AC/DC, but this poll is comparing two entirely different bands... Like, AC/DC are better at making rock n' roll music, and Pink Floyd are better at making whatever it is you call their music. ;)


The reason i made this poll is that there seems to be close to an equal number of fans for each band so I wanted to see who wins.

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ACDC are great for their simplicity, anyone can write music like acdc, but they made it so different, and powerful. They made an a chord sound like "pwoah"

But pink floyd explored all avenues of music, and they were masters at it. No one comes close to floyd.

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I really dig Flyod , but after Guns , DC is my fav band because thiey just rock out so tough , of course Flyod's got them beat in musical depth , but hey I'm about as deep as a puddle . ;) , Flyod is very cool though .

Peace GnR Nation :shades:

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Guest gnr>everything


how can you say no to a face like that?


very easily

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