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Okay i know its not a great album but i wanna know what your favourite song is from it. Or did you even buy it!?

My favourite is She is Love :D

Oh when the sunshine beckons to ya

And your wings begin to unfold

The thoughts you bring and the songs you sing

Are gonna keep me from the cold

And if the sword is among ya

And it’s words may wound my soul

You can fill me up with what you’ve got

Cos my heart’s been keeping old

She is love

And her ways are high and steep

She is love

And I believe her when she speaks.


And her ways are high and steep

She is love

And I believe, I do believe her when she speaks.

You’re in all my thoughts of passion

And the dreams of my delight

Whatever stirs my mortal frame

Will you keep it warm at night

I don’t know where you come from

No I haven’t got a clue

All I know is I’m in love

With someone who loves me too.

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Hindu Times, Little by Little and Stop Crying Yer Heart Out are my faves off this one but I picked Hindu Times.

Just a cool rock n roll tune.


hindu times is fucking amazing.

cuz god gave me soul in your rock n roll babe. ONE OF THE BEST ROCK N ROLL LYRICS EVER IN MY OPINION, so vague and mysterious backed by this thundering wall of sound and strange riff. I love it.

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its a good sign if a band has an album considered one of its worst, that it still has good songs for at least half the ttracks.

i pretty much like all the ones listed in the poll, they are pretty good. But most songs of their first 2 albums blow any of them away.

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