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Great unknowns


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Not the Welsh band with Cerys


I´ve heard some songs.....they are good,one my friend is a big fan of them

and my tip is The Last Days Of Jesus....they are awesome(but not for everybody :ph34r: )

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thank sweet sonny jesus!!! did u say johnny and the heartbreakers? :):):) as of now, u r offically God...

Johnny was the duuuuude!!! Johnny is the greatest guitarist that ever lived (and not cuz he's a hendrix soul child)

but yeah, unknowns

the vaselines

the meat puppets

the wipers

sham 69

x ray specs

gg allin and the outlaw scumfucs

the slits

the raincoats

the germs

teenage jesus and the jerks

the dead boys

the dictators

the violators

i could go on all night...the best bands get overlooked

and if my lovely horse is funny u should check out rory rides me raw by the vaselines

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dream theater

they arent as unknown as some of those others but ive only met a couple people who know about them


Yeah well prog metal isn't very mainstream, but every guitarist will know of Dream Theater, because John Petrucci rocks rock4rock3

For me i would have to say

Iron Butterfly

Ok ok, they are sortta well know, but they are totally underrated, they should of been way more sucessful, but alas they werent.

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The Afghan Whigs & The Twilight Singers. Two of the greatest bands of the last 15 years. If not *the* best bands of the last 15 years.


The Afghan Whigs,very underrated I think,Gentlemen one hell of an album.Very powerful and emotional album.

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