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sex pistols


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Your best bet would be "The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle." Bullocks, and Swindle are the only two "real" albums they ever put out. Anything else you find is either a compilation of demos, singles, live tracks, and b-sides.

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Never Mind The Blocks?!! :lol: bless. I think you'll find it's BOLLOCKS, as in balls, nads, ghoulies, ballbag, whatever...

You already have all you need really, 'Kiss This' is the only comp worth any of your time and the only Lydon approved best of.

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greatest fucking band in the history of Ever-dom...bar none the most relevant, musically intense, in your face fuck you music that was ever bestowed upon us. not been an album like it since, Nevermind The Bollocks.

"I don't 'ave any 'eroes. They're all useless. There no bands around are there? no, none are accessible" - Johnny Rotten

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never mind the bullocks? never mind the blocks? get it right.....

its NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS,  by the sex pistols with one of the greatest rock n roll frontmen ever, oh and its better than afd.


awesome sig dude, it pisses over appetite, rock3

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