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I just got his new album. I'm sort of new to him. At one point in my life I thought he was the antichrist of some sort. But recently I have taken liking to him. The music that is. I some how found a way to him via The Sopranos. It's weird way to find The Boss, through eating pizza watching fat italians shoot each other after too many cappucinos but I made thru. Maybe one day I might even like U2, I hold no hope for Queen, they are my pet hate.

The question: What's Bruce all about? Do you like him why? Just background for me to put him in context...if you have the time...

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Well, yeah, this one record I have is not like that 80s song. It's like...Bob Dylan? It's darker than Born in the USA. Like an acoustic record.

I'm really liking Waitin' on a Sunny Day at the moment. It makes me happy when I listen to it.

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