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iron maiden or metallica?


which band is better iron maiden or metallica  

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Metallica - honestly most maiden records sound pretty much the same


No they don't, theres a huge sound difference each album, and an even bigger change when Smith left and Janick joined.

Maiden have some of the best melodies and chord progessions ever.

Metallica have some of the best riffs ever.

Both have great solos, though Kirk is far most talented and his solos are better.

Both are FAST and LOUD!

Bruce has a much better voice, he's my favourite frontman, yet you couldn't have him singing Metallica songs and you couldnt have James singing Maiden songs, James' voice is very original.

Maiden are better live

Metallica have deeper lyrics

Metallica have stronger albums (RTL, AJFA & MOP = some of the best albums ever with each song being amazing)

Maidens best songs beat Metallicas best.

Propberly the two best bands of the 80's.

Maiden have cool themes, eg Eddie.

Hmm i have already voted for Metallica awhile back, but Maiden have grown on my majorly the last couple of weeks. I would call them even.

Alot of Americans underrate Iron Maiden because they are not very big over there (although they are gaining support back because they are kciking serious ass at Ozzfest), but in Europe they are still massive.

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