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andrew w.k


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Hes just a happy guy, who wants to make other people happy and inspire them to party.

Honestly. There isnt one band i would reccomend people to check out more than Andrew WK. Small venue, sold out, tiny stage, every single person in the room losing their minds from start to finish and having the time of their lives, people banging the stage as hard as the can with their fists, totally out of time with the music, shouting "fun" at the tops of their voices, people crowdsurfing in dhingies.

Its incredible

when you meet him, you know that hes not messing in the slightest, hes not being ironic or working some gimmick...Hes just doing what he does.

the second time I met him, I asked him to phone my mate, and from what I could hear, it sounded like the greatest phone conversation of all time

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Guest gnr>everything
seriously if you dont like andrew you must have no soul or something.


I don't like him...it's pretty easy not to like him, I just don't like that kind of music

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I know this thread is like 2 years old, but I just discovered Andrew WK. I mean i knew that one song, Party Hard, but the dude is fucking phyco and I love every bit of it! Pure entertainment, great music

check this stuff out

http://youtube.com/watch?v=ve1Bl3jYtME fucking sweet, the best musicla guest on SNL ever?

http://youtube.com/watch?v=tnlgegDh_w4 he even has a ballad or 2 in him worth listening too, dead serious

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