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What Programs Can Take Screenshots of Video Files?


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Guest gnr>everything

Open windows movie maker and press ctrl-I to import the movie you want the pic from(cannot be .mpg)...then find the shot you want and press tools>take picture for preview and save it wherever you want...as for mpgs I have no clue...if you dont understant wtf i just said then I'll try and explain it better

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If you open it in Windows Media Player, go to 'Tools', 'Options', 'Performance'. Then select 'Video acceleration' to 'None'. Then click 'Apply', then 'Ok'.

You can now pause the video, hit 'Prt Sc' and past the image into word/paint etc then crop it :)

Hope that helps :)


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Are there any programs that I can use that take rapid screenshots of a movie file? Here's what I mean.

1. You import/load the movie file onto the program.

2. You find a position to start the screenshooting or leave it at the beginning.

3. You configure the screenshooting tool to your preferences (ie. how many shots a second, how many shots in an allotted amount of time, etc.).

4. You start the program and get screenshots.

And help on this will be very helpful.

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Thanks for BSPlayer, it's okay, but I need one that takes better quality screenshots. Its screenshot quality is... less than desirable.


If you're taking screens of a DVD, InterVideo WINDVD6 can take pretty good quality screenshots. And I thought you could adjust the quality in BSPlayer...

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