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Which is the most decadent rock "star" today?

Gallagher Rose

Which is the most decadent "rock star" today?  

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Peter Doherty.

Edit: just found out he got arrested today for punching a photographer! Proves my point...!


Pete doherty is a junkie fag who cant sing :heart: (just my opinion)


hmmm? junkie he may be but fag he not! and as for the cant sing point, i respect its youre opinion but its wrong.

on topic- Pete does win hands down!

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Axl doesn't even do drugs or anything anymore.

It's not that their aren't any decadent rock stars today, just that this list doesn't include many of them. Ediie Vedder is the LEAST decadent rock star I can think of. PJ have done more charity work than any other band, yet they don't go round preaching about it. They do it because they think it's the right thing, and never blow their own trumpets. They also have a great relationship with their fans.

I'd say Fred Durst was pretty decadent; there's the sex tapes, the judging bikini contests, making bloated, aweful double albums. Limp Bixkit should go back to what they were good at; making dumb fun music. Listening to Durst trying to write lyrics about gown up things like politics is just embarassing.

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decadent means corrupt... generally its a term applied to morality of an individual


No it doesnt. Decadence refers to a state of self indulgence, usually with a state of moral decay, and by moral decay, that is, lack of responsibility etc. A good example of the defintion would be someone like Paris Hilton, or Kelly Osbourne, who live in a world of excessive money and no sense of responsibility.

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