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They're complete slaves to their influences, just like Trivium and a whole host of bands out there with nothing better to do than rehash old concepts and add nothing new. Their vocalist has a good rock n' roll voice, but their lyrics feel awkward, and some times cringe worthy.

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They're complete slaves to their influences


That is so perfect. You couldn't describe Silvertide any other way.


I agree. I said they were Zeppelin rip-offs, but this is a better way to put it.

That's also why they have been spending the last 5 years OPENING for big bands like Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Velvet Revolver, etc. instead of BEING a big band. And notice that the bands they open for are old bands that have been around for at least 20 years (going back to Guns n' Roses with VR)... they rip off the bands they are influenced by so well that they know that the music will be agreeable enough to appease the crowd for the old bands, but they will never get to that next level because the music is exactly the same... no creativity.

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