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Billy Joel - He's Always A Woman

Rock N' Roll Junkie

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Can anybody tell me why (if the song really existst) Billy joel made this song about Michael Jackson?

Billy Joel - He's Always A Woman Lyrics

He thinks that he's cool when he unzips his fly

He looks like a girl but he says he's a guy

He only unpeels when he's on MTV

He acts like a child but he's almost a woman to me.

He smashed lots of glass on his latest release

I guess that he's no longer fighting for peace

He thinks that he's BAD

how much worse can he be?

He can moon walk for miles but he's almost a woman to me.


and he touches himself

And he thinks he can sing

But he's out of his mind.


all his shows get sold out

Did he keep his same face

Or did he change his mind?

He filmed "Black & White" now he's singing the blues

His antics got onto the ten o'clock news

He got burned up on Pepsi

not coke

or RC

He sings like he's twelve but he's almost a woman to me.


a thriller he's not

We've all seen what he's got

And it isn't that much


and he just likes to beat it

And we need not repeat it

He likes his own touch.

He could be a New Kid if he weren't so old

And he's pissed that the Elephant Man won't be sold.

It seems like he hasn't yet reached puberty

We're not sure what he is

he appeared in "The Wiz

But he's almost a woman to me.

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