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Need Some Help/ Advice

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Coordination, Flexiablitly and Strength in your fingers takes time, but you can speed it up by just during the day at school or work scretching your hands and making tight fists. Coordination is achived just by playing somthing over and over again, a favourite i did for that is Van Halen - Eruption, its not all that hard if you start off slow, it will improve your alternate picking and tapping alot, also it will introduce you to right hand tapping which is very cool.

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Thanks for all the great help so far.  Another question I have is in regards to picking.  Is it supposed to be an up and down motion on every string or whatever feels natural?

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Depends what you're feeling. For the the first few months I played I got stuck in a rut of almost downpicking everything, but doing that is hopeless if you want to rip out some solos.

Try some exercises with alternate picking and soon enough you'll naturally do it when necessary.

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