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Songs for each mood


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Happy: usually something by The Trans-siberian Orchestra.. if not then I've got sunshine or turn off the lights or bronw eye'd girl..

Sad: Zzyzx Rd., Inhale By stonesour.. or Hollow, suicide note part1, or cemetary Gates by Pantera

Angry: Spit it out, New abortion, my plague (new abuse remix), I am Hated, or surfacing.. nothing makes me feel better than screaming "Fuck it all, fuck this world, fuck everything that you stand, Don't belong, don't give a shit, Don't ever Judge me"

The song I listened to the most when I got my heart layed open on the cutting board was Vermillion Part2 by slipknot..

Excited: There goes my life or my little girl.. cause the only time I get excited anymore is when my heart comes around, and she knows she's the only thing keepin me goin...

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt
:lol: Yeah, I've only heard the Nirvanasong, but I can't believe that it would make someone happy. :lol: Edited by Satanisk_Slakt
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Pissed Off - ABC - The Jackson 5

Personal reasons, I assume?

they were all pretty much written in the spirit of poor humor ;)

Ah, I assumed the cheery pop-hooks of the Jackson 5 set a trigger in your mind to go and knock someone the fuck out. My bad.

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