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Gunz n´Roses - Use Your Illusion

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Hello to all you m*****f***ers,

we are the one and only GNR-Tribute Band from Germany: "Gunz n´Roses - Use Your Illusion"

For further informations please visit our website Gunz n´Roses - Use Your Illusion

Our next tourdates are:

- 27.08.2005 Kirchberg an der Pielach (Austria) / Open-Air

- 09.09.2005 Silz (Austria) / Crazy Eddy

- 30.09.2005 Mureck (Austria) / Zach Gastronomie

- 08.10.2005 Nabburg (Germany) / Kitchen Club

- 22.10.2005 Murg (Germany) / Murger Rocknacht

- 03.11.2005 Munich (Germany) / Hardrockcafe Munich

You can also contact us via e-Mail: info@gunznroses.de

Still keep on headbanging... rock3

Edited by Gunz n´Roses
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video in the website with audio of my band??? cool motherfucker

website http://notquitegnr.com/

Mp3 http://notquitegnr.com/media/MrBrownstoneAFD.mp3


Appetite For Destruction The Best GNR Tribute Band.

whoever did it FUCK YOU and if i knew who you were , i'd personally drive down there and kick your fucking ass

http://www.gunznroses.de/medien/GunznRoses_dsl.wmv VÍDEO video with sound of my band

Appetite For Destruction The ulitmate tribute to guns n' roses. :fuckyou::fuckyou::fuckyou::fuckyou:

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