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Two magazines I'm trying to find...

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I've posted this on another topic but I thought I might have more luck in this part so here are the front covers of the two magazines i'm trying to find. I'm really desprate to find them. I dont WANT them or anything I just need to ask a favour from someone who has one or both.

1st one:


2nd one:


Thank you!

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Cool thanks that's brilliant...it's the top picture on the second page I needed. Cheers! :D

I'm still looking for the first one. The first replier hasn't got back to me yet :( If anyone does have it I need the 2nd little square picture on the 24th page. :D One the same page there should be a quote from Axl and on the opposite page, a picture of Matt sitting infront of his drum kit incase your confused. Thank you! :D


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