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electric wizard

gorilla biscuits

Sunn 0)))


Electric Wizard fucking OWNS!!!


Dopethrone makes me want to punch myself in the face. Riff after riff after crushing riff. "I, the Witchfinder" is one punishing slice of doom. Neck hurts from headbanging.

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The only reason Ritchie Blackmore is underrated nowadays is because he left Purple to form a medieval band with his wife. So most people would rather forget about him.


I'm glad people reakonise Blackmore, HE'S SO UNDERRATED IT PISSES ME OFF! He WAS the best guitarist of the 70's hands down, yes Page dont even come close to Ritchie. Blackmore explored adding neo-classical elements to his music and used exotic scales (Malsteem is a blatent rip off of Ritchie). No one had ever done this before, he changed Metal for ever, also he sped it up to a tempo no one had heard before. He's easily one of the most influentual musicians ever.

Deep Purple are grossly underrated, people just go, they only had Smoke on the Water, infact they were the biggest band in the world in 71-74. Child In Time is one of the best songs ever, but most people have never heard it.

Binge And Slash, Ritchie left Purple mid 70's and formed Rainbow with Ronnie James Dio. IMHO i reakon Rainbow is BETTER than Deep Purple. Gates of Babylon, Stargazer, Man on the Silver Mountain... All amazing songs.

Rainbow went until mid 80's untill Deep Purple reunited, but then Blackmore left early 90's and did 1 more Rainbow album which wasnt very good then formed Blackmore's Night with Candice Night, which is a medieval folk group, and boy can he play a Mandolin well. Even though he's very good at the Folk, i wish he got back into Rock.

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