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What does your band sound like?

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My band is a Speed Metal/Thrash Metal/Classic Metal fusion.

I have been heavily influecnced by bands such as Rainbow, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth. So we sound like a mix of them. Which is melodic parts intro thrashy riffs with exotic sounding solos.

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the last band sounded somewhere between crue and something heavier like pantera but we had the odd punkier tune

my new band sound is more dark pop-rock - its catchy and melodic with some heavy bass and lead crunch. infact we had a few lines written about us in the paper today (the bath chronicle) coz we were asked to play at their music editors birthday bash.

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we sound a mix of zeppelin with who and AC/DC... my influences are hendrix, page, santana and malmsteen, and the other guitarman are satriani, santana, hendrix and malmsteen, bassist likes rush, zeppelin and pink floyd and the dummer likes rush and santana, so make the calculations and thats our sound xD

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were just doing covers until we get the hang of playing in time with each other, in the near future were gonna start writing

right now we cover enter sandman(only about 5 times faster), bombtrack,every rose has its thorn, children of the grave, and were working on welcome to the jungle and no one knows by qotsa

we didnt mean to do so many covers but one lead to another and we got caught up in the excitement

in our past writing experiments it sounded basically like a mix of slayer and sabbath, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, always dark and heavier sounding

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