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Best Guitar Tones?


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Since we have so many guitarists on this forum, this should be an Interesting thread.

Ok i'll divide them into catagory's

Best Metal Tone: Dave Mustaine (his tone is awesome, such good crunch)

Best Blues Tone: Stevie Ray Vaughan (Infact i think he has the best tone ever, so uniquie and original, it's aggresive, rude, bassy, i love it)

Best Clean Tone: Mark Knofler (such a kick arse tone, i think he gets it so good because he finger picks)

Best FX'ed Tone: David Gilmour (I've always considered him the king of Effect Racks and Pedals, he mastered them so well)

Best Rock Tone: Pete Townshend's 70's tone (When he used a Les Paul with mini-humbuckers, kick arse tone)

Best Shredders Tone: Eddie Van Halen (his brown tone is drool worthy, people have tried to get it but all have failed)

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Best Metal Tone - Marty Friedman (just love this guys style, especially when he was in Megadeth)

Blues - Vaughan. Perfect.

Clean - Knopfler I'd agree with. Perfect tone on SOS.

Rock Tone - Ritchie Blackmore or Slash.

Shred Tone - Steve Vai

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Guest gnr>everything
Brian May


Yeah, I loved his.


I actually don't like it, the solo's in Queen songs seem a bit weird, doesn't fit the song. Except We Wil Rock You which is classy.


:o I love the solos...when he stretches a note and it gets that edge to it...I love it.

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