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The last CD you bought


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Stone temple pilots-'thankyou',


Awesomeness...They could save the touble and call it Greatest hits, Right? Deleo brothers Were pretty good...Do you own "core"? Maybe not your type of macoranie but check out 'nothing shocking' Jane's Addiction. Ask bongo it's an awesome album

Last album i recieved...Porno for pyros-Porno For pyros

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Kiss - Trashes, Smashes and Hits

AC/DC - For Those about to Rock

Whitesnake - Greatest Hits

Kiss's is great

For Those about to Rock I didn't like when I bought it, but now I think it's great. Not as good as Razors Edge, BackinBlack, Highway or High Voltage but still very good.

Whitesnake was boring. After hearing her i go again, and knowing cov was in it, I bought it but it's just very mundane.

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painkiller - judas priest - fucking amazing album, my 2nd priest album, first being angel of retribution, also fucking amazing

reign in blood - slayer - holy shit i couldnt sit down while listening to this, had to stand up, do a little this rock3 a little this rock4 (only air) and a little .....damnit WHERES THE DRUMMER SMILIES, (once again only air)

rage against the machine - self titled (i think, its got bombtrack, killing in the name of, take the power back, all fucking amazing songs all the way through)

i buy cds about once a month, so when i do, i make sure im gonna like them, and once again i dont download, because im a metallica fan

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