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Who do u think is the best rock band

appetite for illusions

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Out of my six favourite bands - GnR, Zeppelin, AC/DC, Skid Row, Van Halen and Motley Crue, five out of six are all together in some respect.


Sabre you have great great taste in music. 5 of your 6 bands are my favourite


Why thank you. which is the not?

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Well even if we are including VR.

I'd have to go with Green Day.

Their music if fuckin great and are the only hard rock grunge whatever u wanna call it band that is actually making a splash for rock n roll. (I'll admit VR makes some noise in the media too)

Gotta love Jesus of Suburbia!!


dont even say that.

greenday is horrible and some weird genre of punk and it is in no way a rock n roll band.

but i guess some people get confused with that kind of thing so i forgive you just dont get greenday mixed up with rock n roll again ok?

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