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Who do u think is the best rock band

appetite for illusions

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Judas Priest still have it. They're certainly up there. I bet they're many more unknown bands that I'd like, but they don't receive attention so it's very hard to find them. I'm loving the unknown Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals as an unknown band that I've found out about though. Aerosmith are okay I guess, but I've never really been into them. VR annoys me to an extent, as Audioslave too, but at least Cornell doesn't stripper dance, which makes them better than VR. Van Halen, I've just never dug too much. Eddie is pure badass, but except for his own peices, in songs, his solos are always short, and I hated that whole poppy feel thing they had with Roth, ugh. Michael Jackson and Eddie doing solos like in Beat It, would make a better album than Roth doing poppy stuff, and Eddie having a 6 second solo. The Stones are still decent, even though I've never liked them too much. Still, Judas Priest are the best to me, right now at least.

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Well even if we are including VR.

I'd have to go with Green Day.

Their music if fuckin great and are the only hard rock grunge whatever u wanna call it band that is actually making a splash for rock n roll. (I'll admit VR makes some noise in the media too)

Gotta love Jesus of Suburbia!!


Out of all the bands that are "in" or "hot" at the moment, I'd have to agree and say Green Day rocks whatever its real genre is. Never really was into categorising anyways.

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Maiden are still around you know, not sure if I personally would call them the best but they're have to be up there.  Living legends.


Yeah Maiden still rock fucken hard, they still have more energy on stage than any new band.

Bruce is an amazing frontman with an amazing voice, beats Axl hands down.

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Best new band i think by far is The Mess Hall, an auddie duo who plays Blues-Rock. They are awesome, i hopefully i can see them next week.

They are defantly not in the mainstream, but then again theres no good bands in the mainstream atm anyway.

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