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The Father Of The Blues


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The Roots of popular music in the twentieth century are engrained in teh history of Robert Johnson who is known as the father of the blues. Anybody a fan here? I have the complete recordings, since he's only recorded 29 songs and a total of 41 demos in his all too short career.

For those that don't know, Robert Johnson was a travelling musician who went along the Mississippi and played the greatest blues ogf all time. The legend goes he sold his soul to the devil under a bridge so that he could play as he did.

You might know his work through cream (crossroads) led zeppelin (the lemon son, travelling riverside blues, you shook me), or the rolling stones (is your love in vain)

after his second set of recordings in 1937, a man shot or poisoned him (its not really sure) for fucking his wife.

Please listen to him if you're a fan of the blues.

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A tribute to me? awww shucks, you should'nt of....

Robert Johnson is a legend, and one of the greatest musicians ever, RIP


well put

I like Cream's version of Crossroads. Haven't heard any of Robert Johnson's work. I know this is very 'unorthodox', but can you maybe upload some of his work? I don't have any money to buy music :(


sorry, i don't know or have the ability to upload music onto this site

perhaps someone else can

try "me and the devil blues" "crossroad blues" "I beleive I dust my broom" and "rambling blues"

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