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Maiden egged ?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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I can not believe this sh*t. Since Sharon Osbornre does not like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden she tried to sabotage them. She sent her kid Kelly and a bunch of her friends up to the front with 4 dozen eggs to pelt Maiden during the first song. She also had the PA cut at least 6 times during key parts of their best songs. Maiden performed like total champs and never gave up (unlike someone we all love and hate). "Do you think eggs are gonna stop IRON FUC*ING MAIDEN" (one of Bruce's quotes). They were pretty much pelted with everything in the house by the OZZY camp. After the set before taking a bow, someone already had OZZY, OZZY, going on the PA and the crowd was pissed and started chanting MAIDEN, MAIDEN, drowning out the PA. Sharon came right up to the mike and gave a half ass thank you to Maiden and then said Bruce is a prick. I guess the crowd kept up the MAiden chant and doused her with beer and other things. Read all the full reviews on Blabbermouth. There are like 10 articles about it. I can't beleive that bitch did this to Maiden. She needs to go away------------now!!!!!!

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Guest gnr>everything
Thats asda price?  :unsure:


That's alot of bottom slapping :lol:

Have you got a link to the story?





Read all the full reviews on Blabbermouth.
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That's a damn shame. Sharon should have a bit more respect for Maiden, afterall, they're the main selling point for this year's tour. If she has personal problems with the band, she should show some professionalism and just let them play their set. Finish the tour, and she never has to deal with them again.

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Fuck that! and Fuck Sharon!

Maiden rule, No band should put up with that shit.

That's low, even for an Osbourne.

Fucking shit family, she's a shit manager.

Looks like they didn't all get away with this shit though:

IRON MAIDEN, ever the professionals, continued through their set, and by the time they launched into their second song, 'The Trooper', Bruce changed into a civil war-era, red coat and began waving a Union Jack — British flag. Then, someone in, or associated with, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY tried to rush the stage waving and American Flag with the words 'Don't fuck with Ozzy' scrawled across his bare chest. He was tackled and beaten by MAIDEN crew and promptly thrown off stage....

...As 'The Trooper' ended, frontman Bruce Dickinson, with characteristic spunk, launched into a scathing attack on the people terrorizing his band, calling them 'a sorry excuse for an Ozzy Osbourne fan,' and wondering aloud how, 'three dozen eggs could get snuck into the front row of Ozzfest by people with Ozzfest laminates?' Though he never named names, all in attendance could understand who he was referring to. Nicko McBrain ran up to the front asking Bruce to hold on while he cleaned egg off his drums. He then stated the the next song wouldn't be heard on 'Your local cocksucking corporate radio station, wouldn't be seen on MTV anymore, and sure as hell wouldn't be played on a fucking reality TV show,' met by a huge roar from the crowd....

...During the song 'Hallowed Be Thy Name', Bruce, after only the first two lines, stopped singing and ran to the front row, firing back at his terrorizers, saying 'That asswipe right there, with the curly hair, the fucking glasses, and Ozzfest laminate throw his fucking ass out of here right now. It's gonna take more than eggs to stop IRON MAIDEN, and if it wasn't for a lawsuit, I'd rip your fucking head off right now, you piece of shit!!!!' He had the various attackers ejected and continued with a blistering version of the song until right before the big sing long at the end, the PA was INTENTIONALLY cut off.....

The band endured six more 'PA cuts,' including having the power to their amps turned off at one point. When the PA would come back on, they would simply launch into the next IRON MAIDEN classic, never missing a beat. Frankly, with every PA cut, the band just got meaner and meaner, playing each new song with an anger and a fire that was at times, simply astonishing to watch. Bruce began the introduction to IRON MAIDEN with a speech about 'Your constitution has something about 'We The People.' Well let me tell you, the only reason we are up here tolerating this bullshit, is because of you people. You have been amazing Glen Helen, and there are A LOT of IRON MAIDEN fans here tonight,' eliciting a huge roar from the crowd. He continued, 'It's gonna take more than eggs to stop IRON MAIDEN, NOTHING is going to come between us and our fans, and it will be death before dishonor, this is 'Iron fucking Maiden',' which was greeted by a thunderous applause. During 'Iron Maiden', longtime MAIDEN mascot Eddie was purposely delayed from making his entrance, making a brief appearance at the end, and one could only wonder as to how. As the band closed there set with a furious version of 'Sanctuary', the PA was again cut only to have Big Dave repeatedly chant 'Ozzy' over the PA, while the band tried to say goodbye to their fans. The now-furious crowd angrily drowned him out with chants of 'MAIDEN, MAIDEN.'

"Then, not 10 seconds after MAIDEN left the stage, Sharon Osbourne walked on stage and predictably, tried to give MAIDEN some fake, half-hearted praise about how they'd like to 'thank IRON MAIDEN,' and what a wonderful band IRON MAIDEN are, and how their crew were 'fantastic,' then sneering, 'But Bruce Dickinson is a prick.' The entire crowd, now fed up with the entire affair, began loudly booing her, pelting her with beer cups, and yelling 'bitch.' She tried to carry on, adding that 'Bruce had disrespected Ozzfest,' only to be drowned out by an ocean of boos, and soaked with beer. She slammed the microphone down and stormed off stage. Many in the crowd, fed up with what they had just witnessed, especially considering that many had come solely for MAIDEN, and paid upwards of $150 to do so, left in droves.


SABBATH played to maybe half the audience that was there prior, and seemed stagnate compared to the band preceding them. As a huge fan of SABBATH, I honestly couldn't stand to watch them....

"I've seen IRON MAIDEN probably 10 times in my life, and frankly this was the very best IRON MAIDEN show I've had the pleasure of witnessing. You DON'T want to fuck with IRON MAIDEN. The more the Osbournes tried to fuck with them, the better they got! IRON MAIDEN was on fucking overdrive! Considering the amount of terrorizing and intimidation that IRON MAIDEN had to deal with at the hands of the Osbournes and the other side stage and main stage bands participating, they were the consummate professionals. They had the crowd in the palms of their hands, and IRON MAIDEN and Bruce Dickinson proved beyond a shadow of a doubt why they are the greatest metal band on earth right now, and quite possibly, the classiest, too.

"The Osbournes are drunk with power. Shame on them, and shame on ANY of the bands that participated in the terrorizing and intimidation. It was disgusting display, that NO BAND should have had to endure, but especially a legend like IRON MAIDEN. That fact that it happened in front of 40,000+ people, at a Clear Channel-sponsored event, while Hyundai Pavilion Security turned a blind eye and let the Osbourne camp pelt one of the main headlining bands with eggs, beer, and spit, was simply inexcusable.

"I will proudly be attending next year's MAIDEN fest, and as much as I hate to say it, I can't bring myself to spend another dime on the Osbournes.

"Ozzfest, hang your head in shame."

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Not to mention the fact that Maiden was stealing the show from Sabbath every night.

(on the nights that Sabbath could actually show up)

Ozzfest Reviews:

Pittsburgh Daily News – “The night belonged to Iron Maiden, and the crowd treated them like royalty, easily giving them the most raucous reaction of any of the bands assembled. Dickinson and Maiden put the younger bands on the show to shame, and Dickinson was almost giddy as he led the masses in singalongs of classics such as opener ‘Wrathchild’, ‘The Trooper’ and ‘Run To The Hills.’“

New York Times - 'Spry and mischievous as ever (he delivered a tirade against MTV and reality shows, which is mischievous only if you're about to cede the stage to Mr. Osbourne), Dickinson sounded and looked like a man leading his troops into battle, although under a foreign flag: he waved a huge Union Jack.'

Hollywood Reporter - 'Maiden held the second slot to Sabbath and in 70 minutes walked away with the whole show... Iron Maiden is the standout on this tour and - to paraphrase Dickinson - rocks ‘like a bastard!’'.

Chicago Tribune - 'Dickinson's soaring battle-cries held the near-capacity crowd spellbound while his high-energy performance made many of the festival's acts look lazy and tired.'

Boston Globe – “The band that stole the show yesterday was Iron Maiden, with Dickinson… climbing stairs to ramps at either side, from which he exhorted the crowd into a horn-saluting frenzy with such songs as '’Wrathchild’ and ‘Run To The Hills,’ aided by a triple-guitar attack and inflatable beast with neon blue eyes, and changing rear curtains that made their set feel like a Broadway play.”

The Freelance Star, Virginia – “Iron Maiden deserves every accolade thrown its way over many years of hard-rock excess… After decades of domination, Iron Maiden showed that well-structured songs, vocal brilliance and unabashed rock 'n' roll showmanship are a bloody good combination… This night belonged to Maiden.”

Indianaopolis Star – “Bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris… believes in speed and melody, traits that defined Sunday’s renditions of ‘The Trooper’ and ‘Run To The Hills’ [while] Bruce Dickinson provided the right amount of theatrics to ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ and ‘Number Of The Beast’… Iron Maiden saved the day”

Hartford Courant – “Coming second to last on a 20-act, 14-hour bill, Iron Maiden negated all of the 18 previous performances with a 60-minute set of bombastic metal. The English band's songs featured actual riffs, sweeping vocal melodies and gobs of frantic guitar solos, and the musicians - particularly singer Bruce Dickinson - displayed a charisma not seen among the other bands.”

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Ha, cool. Maiden is shit anyway.


Iron Maiden own you...

Fucking hell i hate Ozzy's family, Ozzy has lost alot of my respect since he went on the TV show.

Im feeling really sorry for Iommi, Butler and Ward, they have had their named tarnised and they had no part in it what so ever.

Maiden are legends for playing on

GO THE IRONS!! rock3rock4rock4

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I've always hated that bitch!! That fucking fuck, goddamn I want to murder him. I dont think Ozzy is enjoying it anyway, all Sharon does is spend Ozzys fucking money! If it wasnt for Ozzy, she wouldnt have that multimillion mansion and her fucking jewelry! I'm glad Maiden stuck to it, shows that they are really worth the money! What a fucking cunt, damn I want to throw some stuff now!!!



!!!!!!!!!!! :angry::angry::angry:

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That makes me laugh. I can't stand Iron Maiden. My cousins obsessed with them.



But regardless of who they are. No band should have to put up with that shit.

That's bullshit, I'm glad most of the people walked out after that and Sabbath only played to half the people.

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