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Best Drummer


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My favourite was always Keith Moon. And recently I started appreciating John Bonham quite as much too.

I also like Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts, the dude from The Cure (disintegration period), the first drummer in Dire Straits, and the guy from Mana.


The guy from Mana rocks!

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Lately I have begun to appreciate Chad Smith alot more and also Josh Klinghoffer.His work with Ataxia is pretty cool.I saw him live when he played with PJ Harvey but don't recall it :( Kinda of a shame.

Keith Moon,Charlie Watts and John Densmore have always been my favs..

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Dave Lombardo(Slayer)

Lard Urlich

Scott Travis(Judas Priest 90-present)


lars is the best of those IMO



seriously,how much have you ever heard of the others ;)


lol yeha im guessing he aint heard any Slayer, Dave Lombardo is proberly THE greatest metal drummer. God i love his double kickers.

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