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Cradle of Filth VS Children of Bodom

Izzy's Girl

which is the better band?  

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Lyricaly both are a disaster. But bodom is slightly less terrible

Vocaly, both are an absolute trainwreck.

Musical cradle is ok, but bodom is just plain genious.

Bodom it is.


Lyrically Bodom is decent,but Filth is great

Vocals....Dani has a voice that dosen't suit neit black or gothic metal,but still decent,Bodom's singer has a kickass voice

Musically both are great

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Bodom. No question.

Laiho is a fucking insane guitarist and his voice is pretty cool too!


Yeh I am growing to love his voice the more I listen to it. Listening to his rendition of Oops I did it again I cant help but love it! :lol: it's less heavy in that song and I love that bit at the beginning when he just like gives up on the intro and does this weird improvising thingy :lol::D ace.

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Two bands in the melodic death metal catergory but which one is better?

I prefer CoB, Alexi is an insane guitarist and I love the backing instrumentals in CoB's music, its more effective. More melodic and mysterious....and constructed better I think.


CoB is better, imo.

I don't like Alexis voice too much though.

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