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Fantastic band, one of the greats!

Amazing singer, amazing guitarist, creative bassist and a solid drummer. All the makings of one of the greats of all time, and they could write good aswell.


not only that, but one of the best harmonies as multi-singing bands of all time!

freddy getting the melody

brian getting the low

roger getting the high

quite an awesome and talented combo to say the least!

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Guest gnr>everything
Queen is legendary. All four members were just extremely talented.


Agreed. May I dare compare them to The Beatles?

Beatles: 3 solid songwriters

Queen: 4 solid songwriters

Beatles: Solid at their specific intrument

Queen: Best singer, great guitarist, good bassist/drummer


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*puts on helmet and kevlar vest are prepares for flame* :P

Personally i think Queen were a good and solid band, yet i find them overrated.

And yes i have heard alot of Queen over my days, and i fail to find them amazing, i've also seen that live DVD, my bro-in-law showed me it.

Freddie, great singer, but there were better IMHO, Ian Gillan, Jeff Buckley, Bruce Dickinson and Joe Lynn Turner rate higher in my books. I have great respect for him though as he was openly gay and ignored the people who put him down, that in my opinion earns alot of kudos for standing up for what is right, RIP.

Brian May was nothing special, but i really like the Bassists style i think its unfair how he seems to be over shadowed by the other band members, see i dont even know his name lol.

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Ok first of all, all of those who said they are overrated, stfu! :P

hehe. Their albums are extremely well put together, every single one of their songs has an immense amount of talent put into them in order to make it. 90% of the songs are absolutely brilliant. Each with their own memorable tune and beat. They had at least 15 albums and even mpore remakes put together as their songs are so versatile as I can also say about Freddie's voice. He could sing funk, classic rock and blues and they all suited him perfectly as his voice was so flexible. Also I think Brian May and Roger Taylor were pretty ok singers too on the songs they sang on. '39 is an absolutely beautiful song full of emotions, and I'm in Love with my car sung by Roger in his gruff yet cool unique voice goes down well.

Queen are my favourite band ever as they have so many good qualities and they are the band that got me into liking rock music. Freddie was a goddamn inspiration and he worked his guts out right to the end of his life which I respect him so much for. He was a wonderful charismatic man and he showed this in live shows with energy and a little bit of his own charm. :) RIP Freddie and your talented imspirational music will remain in mine and many peopls hearts forever.

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Great post there Izzy's Girl!

Yes, Queen is deffenitely a legendary Rock band...all of them are exteemly talented people, Freddie, one of the greatest front men in the history of rock...i dont think anybody could actually drive the whole crowd with the power he did it with...a very influential character too... :)

And the quality of their songs of course will always be remebered by people of any generation as something absolutely remarkable rock3

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