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Green Day "Best Band In The Planet"


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Thought I'd share.

Some stuff here is really idiot though, take a look:

California trio Green Day have been named best band on the planet at this year's Kerrang! rock awards. They were the biggest winners at the rock magazine's ceremony, also scooping the prize for best live act.

The band took top honors at the annual event, which was held at The Brewery in East London. The ceremony was billed as "the biggest and baddest awards in the rock calendar".

Welsh metal group Funeral For A Friend won best British band and New Jersey's My Chemical Romance picked up best album (for "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge") and best video (filmed for "Helena").

Marilyn Manson took home the annual Icon Award for "a notoriety that has spread all over the globe." British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden were inducted into the Kerrang! Hall Of Fame while Killing Joke received the lifetime achievement award.

The prize for best single went to Foo Fighters' hit "Best of You" while Trivium were named best international newcomers. But System Of A Down, who had five nominations, went home empty-handed.

Green Day became one of the world's biggest heavy rock bands more than a decade ago and have been enjoying a renaissance since their "American Idiot" album came out last year.

Thanks for the info to BBC News.

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As much as I dislike Kerrang sometimes, i really admire Greenday. They came from nothing to worldwide superstars to nothing again, not even talking to each other properly - then they release AI which is one of my favourite albums in recent years, it really is a great album.

Last year Metallica won it - even after the travesty that is St. Anger.


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Lifetime achievement award - Killing joke...

:laugh: they are terrible

funny story, they supported crue on a leg of their 2005 tour, tommy lee met the lead singer, and he said "o yeh i really liked killing joke, do you still play shows or what?" he didnt know they were supporting crue.

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Green Day isn't bad, but best band on the planet? No.


Agreed, Green Day does stand out in todays music scene and I do really like what they do...but personally I wouldn't give them a title of a best band in the world :question:

P.S. I always thought them to be more of a punk rock... they are definitely not hard rock!

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