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Choose the worst band of the year

Gallagher Rose

Choose the worst band of the year  

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My Chemichal Romance, Fall-Out Boy, and Hawthorne Heights all suck a massive amount so much that you can't tell the difference, them and their hooray for tolerance! emo "Slit my wrist and cut my eyes!"  -- Give me a fucking shotgun and i'll do you one better   "I'm not okay!!!!!!" --- Shut the fuck up. i don't care, and you look like a fag   "We're going down down..." Sing so i can fucking understand what your saying and cut your faggish side-burns.

All those bands suck equally and should be shunned off the face of the earth, i can't wait til they're 15 minutes of fame are over and they're stuck doing state fairs  :fuckyou:


yeah indeed very mooch agreed "im not okay" no your not okay dude in fact your just plain shit


EDIT: Not you dlt the guy from my chemical romance(shit fuckers)



was the second guy pissed at the fag emos or the first guy???

anyway i agree with the first guy cause im not too sure what guy #2 meant


damian hate's the fag emo's too


hell jeah :shades:

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Wow... just wow... Some of you guys' replies are just childish to say the least.

I'm gonna admit at being a pussy by saying MCR and Good Charlotte don't deserve worst band of the year mostly because their songs are actually catchy. Simple Plan aren't really that great, Bloc Party don't suck, but they don't rock either, they're just :sleeper: . I also don't really know Yellowcard that much. I guess I'll null vote and say Greenday. Mostly because they are just so ridiculously overrated, it's not even funny.

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