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Battle Of The Bands

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My band is in a Battle Of The Bands which takes place in 3 weeks so we need to decide which song to play. We've got a few suggestions so far:

Sweet Home Alabama

No One Knows


Keep in mind that we want a song that everybody knows and can sing-a-long to.

Any suggestions??

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something original


I know. How many songs do you play in the set, if its just one song, how do you expect to win with a cover :S


Good point. But the songs we have won't be appreciated by a crowd that will consist of both emos and metal-heads.

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Something of your own

Dyer Maker

I cant get no (satisfaction)

Highway Star

Shook Me all night long

Bold As Love

The wicker Man

Under Presure

Dont Cry


These are pretty good songs to play live, and depending on your musical influences, you could choose some of this.


Under Pressure would be a good one but I wouldn't be able to sing like Freddy, but maybe I could handle the Bowie parts.

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