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Bass Bodies

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I don't entirely understand what you are saying... Are you asking if the Fender bass bodies, the ones they sell in the stores, that aren't painted and don't come with a neck or any hardware, are the same as the regular Fender basses? If so, then yes, they are the same size as the regular basses.

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Hey mate!

Great to see people getting into building their own instruments.

You could:

A: make your own guitar/bass from scratch


B: Buy all parts and wood all pre-cut from a dealer an just do some basic stuff yourself to finish it off.

Go to Warmoth Their bodies and necks are all of VERY high quality, better quality than Fender and Gibson use. It is a bit pricey, but it will be your dream guitar and will last forever. Plus you can cutomise and let your imagination run wild.

Have Fun :)

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