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I started college recently and for the first time ever had to deal with databases, i was fine creating the database but when it came to reports mine came as a poster type image yet others got a kinda chart, im guessing they modified it a certain way but i dont know how.I could realy do with advice or a link to tutorials as i dont have any database software, .I know its not very descriptive but im at a loss.Thanx if you can help ;)

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Thanx a lot ;)

My problem now is when im viewing the database, where do i go to put the querie in so i get an answer to my querie?

Obviously my querie will relate to info i want to if i want names beginning with ch i would enter ch*, this will give me results with the start ch where i dont care what follows the ch, but where do i go to create that command, i realy hope im making sense

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