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Zakk Wylde - No More Tears Solo

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Total Guitar magazine had a tutorial with good old Uncle Zakk showing people how to play the No More Tears solo - which just happens to be one of my favourite solos ever.

Unfortunately, I'm on a work computer so wasn't able to upload the 15MB tutorial video for you all. I was however able to upload the 4.5MB video of Zakk playing the solo. I think it's worthwhile watching for you newbies as it shows the following:

1. Alot of Zakk tricks - raking strings, ass kicking vibrato (sorry no artifical hormonics though)

2. How to make the most out of the simple pentatonic scale

3. Shredding for beginners

4. Those awesome triplets (which is what he does at the very end of the solo). Note: the first three phases of the "super fast" part at the end are just basic pentatonic shapes played with alternate picking. The last 2 "incredibly super fast" phases are triplets

5. How to go from slow to heavy, also how to build intensity

Download it, watch it, find a tab, learn it, take the parts that you like and rip them off/add them to your arsenal of chops. FYI - I think he has downtuned his whole guitar a full step, making it DGCFAD (low to high) instead of EADGBE.

For your watching/listening pleasure:


Go forth and ROCK!

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A few points:

1. Yes it would have been a practise amp. Also, you can't expect soundboard quality audio from the microphone of a DV camera.

2. The sound of the pick is due to the fact that the microphone is close enough to actually hear the guitar over the amp - which I think is pretty cool!

3. Zakk's job is to play guitar. If somebody paid me tonnes of money to pretend to do my job, I would take it up in an instant. Then, if somebody questioned my credibility I'd throw my hand in the air, give them the finger and blind them with the light shining off my diamond encrusted Rolex.

Don't act like you wouldn't.

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