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why is your favourite song/band your favourite?

Guest katie

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intreaging (sp) title is it not?

anyway to the question at hand

why is your favourite song/band your favourite? everyones got a reason..so say

my reason is that i can identify with the music they make and if someone felt like how i do 20 years ago then someone has to now, i cant be the only one

so go on

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The reason my favourite band and song are my favourite is because of the lyrics, sometimes i can relate to them but then sometimes i just think the lyrics are fuckin' awesome


Who are your favourite band? :unsure:



It is Guns N' Roses but if i had to say a different band it would definately be AC/DC. Some of the songs they did with Bon Scott and Brian Johnson had such filthy lyrics which i thought was great because they did it in a way which didnt make it sound so filthy

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Urm there a lot of reasons I guess but "Respect" comes to mind! Though it may not be favourable Axl has lived his life how he sees fit and not to appease others! He has been true to himself! And that is something I respect about him!

That and he penned the words to "Estranged" a song that undoubtedly had it not been released at the time it was...... I wouldnt be here :(

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Pink Floyd


- experimental music

- pioneers

- innovative

- versitile (sp?) - exploring many types of different music

- conceptualy briliant

- musicaly briliant

- lyricaly briliant

- a lot of depth in the music

- incredible tallented musicians

- amazing solo's

- solid (musicaly)

- timeless

- makes you think

- amazing live band

- unique sound

- music that takes you places

the list goes on and on really - in one word incredible.


Good thread!  B)


I could not of said it any better! Pink Floyd are defantly my favourite band.

Iron Maiden:

- Speed/Power Metal Pioneers

- Excellent melodies

- Intense music

- Highly talented musicans

- Unique bassist

- Amazing vocals

- Blistering Solos

- Thoughtful lyrics

- Mind blowing live acts

- Care about their fans

Basically nothing gets me going more than some Maiden.

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My favourite band and my favourite song, then my second favourite band (at the moment) and my second favourite song.

The Beatles are my favourite band because:

-Their songs aren't too long.

-They did quality pop.

-The melodies are outstanding.

-They could do the best harmonies in the world.

-Their albums didn't have a single bad song.

-They didn't have a single bad song!

-They all could sing amazingly.

-They were just four teenagers who had this band and luckily made it big.

-They're the Beatles, for music's sake!

I Want To Hold Your Hand is my favourite song because:

-It's THE love song.

-It's rock n' roll put into 2 minutes.

-It made the Beatles a worlwide success.

-The intro

-It is I Want To Hold Your Hand, damnit!

Dire Straits are one of my favourite bands because

-I love their rhythms

-Mark Knopfler is my favourite guitar player

-The riffs are great

-The lyrics are witty, wether they are telling a story or just something Mark wanted to express

-They did Your Latest Trick, damn that's a great sax line.

-They didn't have a bad song except the last ones and Private Investigations.

Sultans Of Swing is my second favourite song because

-It has got a wild rhythm.

-It has got the best solo in the world, at the end.

-It has one of the best solos in the middle

-Mark's little phrases after each verse

-The riff

Your Latest Trick is one of my favourite songs because

-Of the sax line

-The arrangements

-The melody

-Mark's voice

-It has got the best live performance I've ever seen

-It's exactly the kind of song I'm looking for everywhere

Fun thread!

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Rolling Stones:

-Mix blues, rock n' roll, R&B, as well as other genres including country and gospel into their music.

-Use female backing vocals brilliantly.

-Create many different kinds of songs. From raunchy lust songs, to fun party tunes, to tender ballads.

-Mick Jagger is one of the most charismatic musicians of all-time.

-Unique and memorable riffs. You know it's "Brown Sugar" from the opening chord.

-Incredible live act.

-Can reach many different audiences. "Wild Horses" will attract one group of people, while "Miss You" will attract a completely different group.

-They have been together longer than any other current band, and are still making new and original music. That's called consistency.

My favorite song is "Like A Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan:

-The first radio single to break the three-minute barrier (it lasts six minutes)

-Intelligent lyrics that can mean different things to different listeners.

-Amazing opening.

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