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Pink Floyd (dvd) bootlegs


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I want to know if anybody here are familiar with the world of Pink Floyd bootlegs?

So, is anybody?

Any tips on what to get?

Preferably DVD bootlegs.

Which offer good quality?

I already have as DVD bootlegs:

- Pulse (1995, officialy released as a VHS)

- Delicate Sound Of Thunder (1989, officialy released as a VHS)

- KQED (San Fransico 29-04-1970)

- A Venezia (live in venice 15-07-1989)

- Together Again (live 8 festival)

I also have an official DVD called Live Anthology. But it's incredible low crap production with very poor video and sound quality. A lot worse then the bootlegs I names.

I'm still looking for a DVD bootleg of a full performence of the wall. Is the 1980 show live at Earl's Court any good? Or any other good live DVD's of The Wall?

Any help is appreciated. :)

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If i were you i would buy live at pompei (spelling) i have this on DVD and it is amazing, probably one of my favourite music DVDs, its an official release so shouldnt be too hard to find. I dont have any Floyd bootlegs, but am still waiting for Pulse to get officially released on DVD, its constantly getting pushed back.


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I don't know what version of that pompeii show you have, but the one I have is horrible. It cuts to the director about every few minutes and blah blah blah whatever....it really takes away from the performance

There are bootlegs of some early shows with Syd, one I saw in particular was a performance of "See Emily Play" and "Bike" from way back. There's footage floating around of stuff from Meddle, but I've never seen it.

I saw a rather long video file once on a ratio server (long time ago, I know) that claimed to be footage of Roger Waters attacking some fan during the Animals tour, which supposedly was the culmination of his "breakdown" that led to the writing and making of his catharsis for that, "The Wall", but I couldn't download the whole thing and all I saw was footage of them playing, only for a few minutes or so. The file claimed to be about 400 or 500 megs total MPEG compression. It certainly wasn't good quality but the significance of the event (and the amazing coincidence of it having been caught on film) was enough to make me wonder.

I don't know if you're interested in old stuff with Syd or Roger Waters era, David Gilmour era, but that's about all I know....

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