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Does anyone know where I can get the 30 GB DVD-R's online? I saw them in a TIME magazine the other day, I'd like to get a few of them.


There are no 30gb DVD's. You must have been reading about blue ray disks, those are only in Japan and you have to have a blue ray burner. Toshiba is coming out with something similar too. Largest you can get is around 8gb and you have to have a dual layer burner.

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what is the best program to use to burn DVD's? just got a burner and would like some good pointers.



Depends on what you want to burn.

I use Nero for simple data DVD's.

Easy in use, does it's job well.

For creating DVD images as ehrm...backups... :rolleyes: ...I use DVD Decrypter. Great piece of software. Small, easy and efficient.

For burning created images on DVD again I also use DVD decrypter if they fit on the DVD right away. But in many cases you'll have o shrink the DVD first. Maybe delete an audio stream. For that I use DVD Shrink.

Entering any of these names in Google should give you the right sites. DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink are freeware by the way. :)


afterdawn.com has some great complimentary software to go with these ;)

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