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Favourite Cover Songs


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Children of Bodom-Oooops I did it again

-Somebody put something in my drink

The Last Days Of Jesus-Pet Semetary

- Fade to gray

Nightwish-Phantom of the opera

HIM-Don´t fear the reaper

Marilyn Manson-Sweet dreams

Placebo-Running up that hill

...and some more that I can´t think about right now

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sooooooooooooooooo many

i know i'll forget a lot

all gnr ones, d'ohh

gimme gimme gimme -malmsteen

its a sin- gamma ray

still loving you - the wind beneath my wings - world in my eyes - sonata arctica :ph34r:

ops i did it again - rebell yell - children of bodom

all my loving - helloween

surfing USA - Barbra Ann - Blind Guardian

Paranoid. MEGADETH!!! rock3

i want out >> sonata arctica, hammerfall

Guardians - Rhapsody

and yeah i forget a lot, like usual <_<

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spoonful - cream (johnson)

i can't quit you babe - led zeppelin (dixon)

turn on your love light - mr. pigpen and the warlocks (?)

one minute of silence - soundgarden (john lennon)

pure imagination - buckethead (willie wonka and the chocolate factory)

username, i like jimi hendrix's version of like a rolling stone much more than the stone's

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Judas Priest- Johnny B Goode (Chuck Berry)

Justin Hawkins- This town aint big enough for the both of us (cant remember lol)

Angra- Children of the damned (Maiden)

Angra- Kashmir (Zeppelin)

Angra- Painkiller (Judas priest)

Mercyful Fate- The Ripper (Judas Priest)

Children of Bodom- ooops I did it again (Britney Spears)

Children of Bodom- Bed of Nails (Alice Cooper)

Sonata Arctica- i want out (Helloween)

Rhapsody- Guardians (Helloween)

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