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Should i go see HIM


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I saw them 2 times....last time it was week ago.....well....to be honest....not too much action on their gigs.....but....I still like them...I think,Ville has beautiful voice...and I enjoyed the gig.

...but if you decide to go here...prepare yourself....there will be crazy girls screaming "Ville I love you!" all the time :angry::rolleyes: ..pretty annoying

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lol no way!

they suck.

stupid goths.

sorry to anyone who likes em but i just really hate them i wouldnt go to one of their concerts for a fairly reasonable amount of money.

the only way i would go to a him concert would be if the only alternative would be like a greenday concert or some other gay similar band.

even then i would still probably be able to figure out a way to avoid both

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