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Fun Lovin Criminals


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I went along to a FLC gig last night, because Mr Toffs really likes them. I've never been overly fussed, but This gig was totally suprising, because:

1- Huey is a really good guitarist. Much better than a lot I've seen. He had some fab guitars too. I was well impressed.

2 - Not only can the FLC's play their instrument while smoking fags like Slash, they actually light em up too - they don't get a roadie to bring em out already smokin. It was just like they were playing in my living room or something - they'd stop, light up a fag, have a little chat...

3 - Fast is really fit, and they all looked pretty sharp in suits and stuff. Cool :shades:

4 - I got properly battered in a mosh pit!! At a FLC gig! I've survived pits at VR, Greenday, Hanoi Rocks, all kinds - but I got twatted in the face by some big bugger who was built like a brick shithouse! And then he got out a hip flask and offered me some! The crowd were mental.. I even nearly got into a fight with some brassy mancunian cow, but my scouse accent scared her off :P Really, they were crazy.

All in all though, I was really impressed, they were cool. Check em out if you get a chance.

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my mate chris went to that, he got to meet huey and shake his hand which has been a life long ambition. im very jealous because huey is the man and ive been an FLC fan for yeeeeeeeeears.

where was it? i was around town in the shithole of godless filth.


It was in the Manchester Academy. I'd deffo go and see em again. Yeah Huey is the man, he had an eye patch on and I still wanted to shag him. Half my patients have eyepatches, and I don't want to shag them..

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they were the first band i saw live on the come find yourself tour - great album and a really chilled out affair - lots of people swaying and nursing manhattens. infact i think the new album is a good return to form - mi corazon is a good tune, much more back like the older stuff rising out of all that similar sounding stuff they did. each album has a couple of little crackers on though - coney island girl, mini bar blues.

love that shit me

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