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Philadelphia 2002


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im from NY (new york rocks!) i was at both the garden show n the philly show n man wat a different in crouds the msg show.. what can i say? it was amazing, n well someof u probably know the philly shwo was cancelled... now let me explain to u wat went on there... (thos philly ppl r animals)

we get to philly while mix master mike was on (we already saw the opening acts last night), we go to our seats, everythings fine... mix master mike finishs ppl boo him, but cheer that hes gone, now usually theres a 30 min to an hour wait b4 the main act comes on... so we wait.. now 10 mins of waiting was to much for these ppl i guess, so they start to boo n chant 'ass-hole' so yea, i guess they think that booin n callin the band aholes will get them out there faster

after about 15/20 mins (yea i know the times bc i kept lookin at the clock) ppl in our row start kickin the chairs in the row in front of us, breaking 2, some random ppl r throwing stuff of the balconys...

after 30/40 mins, ppl start leaving, others r still chanting, other are turning floor seat chairs over, other r punchin ppl, more ppl start throwing drinks, crew members disemmble the pyros, the sound guys cover the equipment

at this point my friend n i are like "good i hope axl doesnt come out, these ppl are animals"

i mean we already saw them, they were fantastic, the greatest ive ever heard axl

now im reading message boards with ppl rippin axl bc he didnt show up, one of the excuses heard was he couldnt make it to phily from ny, umm if we came from ny with no problem y couldnt they?, another we heard was health problems, n well buckethead has been having a few health problems lately

so i heard that after we left there were a few arrests n some fires n stuff, f***in animals, i was tryin to defend axl on these boards n they were sayin hes such a ahole for cancelling that show, for whatever reason it was its probablt reasonable so far this is the 2nd on his entire tour that hes missed, the other was bc his plane couldnt take off!

i just heard this: (online convo)

A:some guy said "yea some people threw drinks and turned over a few chairs, but most people just left in disgust. i mean, we had to wait like 2 hours!!"

S: where is that?

A: they threw probably hundreds of drinks and turned over almost every floor seat after half an hour.... on the mailing list. i told him he was full of s**t

A: he's like "philadelphia is a tough town, and we handled this really well. if axl ever comes back here he'll get killed"

A: i asked him why the hell ANYONE would wanna go to philadelphia

S: theyre a bunch of animals

now i think axl might have been there n just refused to go on, would u go n perform is your audience is booing n callin u an ahole??


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ok, i was at philly toot but I disagree with you on some points. The people didnt have to destroy shit but they had a right to be pissed. Most opening acts are on til 9:00 and then the headliner usually comes on at 9:15-9:30. This is the case with Aerosmith, Poison, and pretty much all other bands. Mixmaster Mike was on for an HOUR AND A HALF for god's sake playing stupid records. He was obviously stalling. Axl Rose is an asshole who doesnt give a shit about his fans or what trouble he causes. If something medical was wrong, you dont wait until 11:15 to cancel the show. If you dont know by 7:00 then nothing is wrong. I got out before the riots started. I drove 2 hrs from Baltimore to see what I thought was going to be a kick ass show, instead I saw a band I didnt know play 5 songs and some loser playing records and dancing like a fool. He should have booed off the stage long before he was. An hour and a half is RIDICULOUS. You are wrong about the people being impatient. No band takes an hour in between the opener and the main show when the opener isnt over til almost 10pm. Guns n roses is finished in my mind, I wouldnt waste another cent on their No-show Shows. This group is ruining the GNR name. Slash you should be glad you arent a part of this charade. If anything the crowd should have destroyed the stage and equipment so NOONE can see the show until the band gets new shit. I hate GNR, AXL YOU IDIOT YOU LOST ABOUT 20000 FANS LAST NIGHT.

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Ok it is completely amazing to me how crappy all of you supposed GNR fans are. You guys pay however much money to go to the concert because supposedly you are big fans of Axl and are excited to see how the new band plays together. Then after you decide that it has been too long and they should be performing, you decide to start tearing up the arena and chanting "a$$hole!" and you actually expect him to come out and perform? It literally blows my mind that you people think whatever you did at the Philly show was right. I went to the concert in Cleveland and GNR was amazing. Axl sounded great and the band had awesome chemistry. It was well worth the wait after Mix Master Mike was on. And unlike you PHILLY ANIMALS, we can actually "have a little patience yeaaah" and wait for things that are worthwhile. Way to ruin it guys! Good luck having GNR ever come back to play in philly after treating them like that. I don't know why they didn't perform but you guys deserved to miss out on the awesome show...keep it up! Pathetic.

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>:( I also attended this concert, and I live outside of Philly. Sorry but the chain events did not happen this way.

First of all the tickets stub said 7:30pm, considering they were going to have an opening band, fine GNR should of been on stage by 9:30pm the latest. But there were 2 opening bands and lets not forget they cut off alcohol at 9:45pm. Why??? we were told the fans were getting out of hand. Well, I am speaking from first hand...I was on the floor...and there was not anyone getting out of hand at this point....???

We found out later they did this to prevent a riot?

Why did the staff know it was cancelled and did not tell us?

Fans were getting a little bit uptight we paid for our tickets to see Guns N Roses not MC MIke mixing records for 1 hour and a half. Needless to say he went off stage and then they play music over the loud speakers with the lights on for another hour???

We ended up leaving at 11:00pm. This was after we went out to the radio station 94.3 Wysp and they were breaking down.

This was the worst concert I have ever been to, and the last GNR I will ever attend.

I guess the fans got out of hand after that!

It was very frustrating!

Also, didn't you find it kind of funny that they did not rip your concert ticket in half??????

I have been to many, many concerts they always rip these tickets in half.

The next day when I called up ticketmaster I found it funny that in order to get a refund (unless you purchased your ticket online) you needed to mail in your Whole ticket???? Funny Huh????

Also, Axl has every right to be sick, he is human!

However, have the common decency to cancell at least before people trech out in the freezing cold to see his dumb ass!

Also on the train home, two fans from the Phantoms game knew the show was cancelled b4 we did.

They said there was an announcement over the intercom that the show was cancelled and when leaving be cautious because they may be a lot of angry fans!

Who does he think he is???

He has not had a carreer in how many years??? Like 10!

and he pulls this crap.

He d-cked over a whole city.

I don't care if he reschedules Philly will not pay him the time or the day.

In my opinion he could hold a free concert and I would still not show up!

He is white trash!! in my eyes.

And then you wonder why people got pissed Off and threw chairs around.

It was a waste of money and my time!

Pissed of use to be fan of GNR!

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I'm going to be very open minded on this response and try my best not to show any prejudice for Axl.  I've been reading a lot of crap on several forums with most of it dissing Axl hard core, and some defending him blindly.  Both types are retarted, and most had their minds made up way before this tour even started on their opinions toward Axl.  I myself am one of the biggest GNR fans alive, but i'm not going to start defending him and taking gossip B.S. reasons of why the shows were canceled and treating it as a chapter out of the Bible.    The fact is nobody really knows what caused the cancelation in Philly or Vancouver.  Let's look at the closest things to facts as we can get:

1.  In an interview the day after the Vancouver riots he said he was in the air on his way there when the Venue's management cancelled the event.  Other band members weren't even told about it.  I actually listened to the interview and you can find it somewhere in the 2002 archives at mygnr.com.  I'm tired of hearing about the Canada border patrol holding the band back, or he never left L.A because they heard it from their brother's girlfriend's cousin's uncle who was at his barbar and heard from him that his friend saw someone with long red dreads and a sports jersey at LAX at the time of the show cancelling.  If he is lying then oh well.

2.  As far as the question that everyone is asking "If they knew they were going to cancel it before they did then why did "HE" wait so long?"  Just because Axl is Mr. GNR doesn't mean he does everything.  There are several possible people to blame.  Me personally think Axl was in the wrong for pushing time to it's limits, but then again we don't even know why he was in LA and it might be for a good reason.  But the n00bish promotors for this unorganized thrown together tour have been off the ball since before GNR stepped foot on stage in USA/Canada.  They couldn't even orcastrate the tour dates and venues properly.  I had to wait for 2 weeks to get the correct day (if it was going to even happen) they were going to play in Dallas.  Ticketmaster, the individual venues, and different GNR sites all had different dates or didn't even show Dallas as a tour stop.  whoa, got slightly off track there.  Back to why they wait so long to actually announce the cancellation is simple and the ONLY way to do it.  They are REQUIRED to contact local law enforcements to organize an evacuation plan and prepare for the worst. and that doesn't exactly take a couple of minutes.  It is highly overlooked by most people.

3.  As far as it taking them too long to start the show after the 2nd act, there are a couple of things to explain that.  First, Axl is just the fashionably late kinda guy.  Take some notes and pay attention to their concert history (the ones that didn't get cancelled anyway).  But complaining about a 45 min. - 1 hour wait is pathetic.  That is very reasonable considering all the prep work for stage equipment, pyro, and lighting setup that takes place.  I'm not a concert pro, but i've seen enough to know that equipment that you would think should already be setup before anybody got there actually has to wait in a lot of cases.  I went to Lalapalooza in 96' and the minimum wait between acts was 45 minutes, and Snoop took almost 2 hours.  It was a beating but everyone was civilized and didn't start throwing $!@# after 30-45 minutes.  No chants of you suck are anything like that.  We have no way of knowing (not even the slightest bit) of why Philly was really cancelled.  Axl really could have been sick.  Considering his age and the fact he still runs around stage like he's 24 is very concerning.  I was worried this whole time that the tour would stop short because Axl what be exhausted.  A part of me thinks that might be what's happening.  They didn't pace the tour well at all (another smooth move by Clear Channel).  If what several people say is true about what happened at Philly (as far as the amount of wait time before all hell broke loose) then he was probably back stage hiding behind security guards.  There is no way I would go out there even after taking every drug known to man.  That would be retarted especially knowing how rowdy ppl tend to get at his concerts.

If you look long and hard at EVERYTHING and focus on the most feasable and closest to fact info about all this then it's not too hard to put a lot of the blame on Clear Channel for there pathetic organization and stability technics.  I'm not saying that I think it was them 100% and I defenitely am not saying it's not Axl fault.  I do believe without a shadow of a doubt that both Axl and Clear Channel screwed the pooch.  It's just seeing he won the gold medal for it.  Oh, and the Venue management ppl aren't exactly the brightest crayons in the box either.  

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The only logical explanation(s) of cancelling the rest of the tour are reasonable ones considering the circumstances.  Some of the venues more than likely started dropping their individual GNR concert for financial/legal reasons.  They propably weren't happy with the odds facing them of the chance of a riot.  2 in 1 months time is not equal to a very stable tour.  Then Clear Channel had to re-evaluate the situation with several missing tour stops and realized that they would probably only make enough money to be able to buy 3 copies of the new album when it comes out.  The second best explanation is Clear Channel was worried and they called it off.  But by the pattern (actually lack of a pattern) that the venues started droping  in, only makes the first reason all the more feasable.  There is no way Axl cancelled the entire tour unless he really is VERY sick or actually is checking into a psychiatric ward like one site posted.  Maybe Buckethead looked in a mirror before the concert and realized how incredibly retarted he looked in that costume of his and when Axl tried to calm him down he hit Rose in the voice box and pulled out his numbchucks and beat him repulsively while doing the robot.  All I know is some people really screwed up what could have been a great thing.  

Sorry for beating you guys down into submission with my novel of a "Cancel Tour 2002" philosophy, but after reading forums for 6 hours straight trying to find out the smallest bit of truth on this, I couldn't take the idiotic comments without atleast addressing some of the questions.

On a Final note.......If you think i'm defending or bashing Axl in any way then you need to consider taking a reading comprehension class.  All I did was state reasonable assumptions and answers to try to bring sanity to the Axl contriversy, and hopefully open the minds of those who just needed to hear something other than hard core Axl bashing, and those with thier head shoved so far up his butt they lose all logical reasoning.  And with all the BS set asside....Axle still is the most uniquely talanted singer/song writer in rock history (There was the prejudice statement everyone was waiting for).   :-X

Take me down to the paradise city where the fans aren't mean and the concerts aren't sh|T*Y

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From this month's issue of Hit Parader Magazine, in the WE READ YOUR MAIL section:

I recently waited more than two hours to see Guns 'N Roses, and I thought the show was horrible. We had to sit through a horrendous opening act, then some "mix master" guy who only destroyed some great heavy metal songs. That's after spending $160 on two tickets (that's FACE VALUE, not scalped), $10 on parking, $35 on a crummy T-shirt, and another $15 on food inside the arena. That's well ove $200 fo a show where Axl pranced around a bit and sang in a really strained voice, and where a bunch of guys I didn't know tried to replace Slash, Duff and Izzy. It was like watching a mediocre garage band try to be G 'N R. Thank goodness that fiasco came to an abrupt and premature end just a few days later.


Philadelphia, PA

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the more worrying thing is that his view point is shared by alot of funners. even slash has alluded to the fact there are alot of fans who don't see the current gn'r as gn'r. here's the quote "there are alot of loyal fans out there who don't see gun as guns without the original members who started it and so on so forth.........and i can understand that" (slash 99). Axl's got alot of fans to win over. i'm sure he can do it but i again reacert my belief he should have picked a new name because then half those criticism in that letter would not be applicable.

i think this guy who wrote the letter didnt go in with an open mind. but i can to a degree agree with him about watching the new gn'r play original gn'r tracks. personally it just looks a little weird to me watching a whole bunch of guys who had no input into those songs playin them. thats not neccesarilly the new guys fault they didnt pick the name. its more of and indietement of axl. however i do think once/if they release something then they will be judged more fairly. because that will truely be their work not the original line ups their's.

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good idea ramm.  ;)

fuzz, i understand your point of view. he can't expect to go to a GN'R gig and see the same band. it's a completely new band with the same name and some old songs (and dizzy). axl has aged and he can't do the things he was able to do when they were at their prime. i still don't think he should have been so negative about it though.

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surely he knew it wasnt gonna be Slash, Duff and Izzy before he bought the tickets?! in which case he shouldnt complain that he spent all that money and had to watch "a bunch of guys I didn't know tried to replace Slash, Duff and Izzy" - if he didnt like that idea he shouldnt have gone... Ax wouldn't have missed him >:(:)

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Once the new lineup puts out an album, i doubt there will be that many old gnr tunes in the set list. Probably only WTTJ, NR, SCOM will be holdovers from the old setlist, other than that, they will probably all be new songs.

So, all this negative critisizm stuff, will only last until Axl gets off his ass and does something.

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Once the new lineup puts out an album, i doubt there will be that many old gnr tunes in the set list. Probably only WTTJ, NR, SCOM will be holdovers from the old setlist, other than that, they will probably all be new songs.

So, all this negative critisizm stuff, will only last until Axl gets off his ass and does something.

yeah but right now my view on that is that you cant be the old stuff.. especially the AFD material... thats so sad :(

(but Axl did say "I have no intention of depiving you of something you enjoy" on that subject.. and I certainly enjoy the old stuff ;D)

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That aint gonna happen, Imagine going to a gunner concert and only hearing 2 or 3 old Guns songs..

Now wouldnt that kinda suck?

:Dyeah exactally.. the old stuff is who they are! they're gonna get critized no matter what they do concerning that.. and i know i'd rather hear it than not!

besides, how are they meant to pick 2 or 3 songs out of the 90 masterpieces of their previous life.. whether they like it or not, the old songs is who they are, they got them here! :D

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