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Philadelphia 2002


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how much was the damage worth?

Kerrang (July 13, 1991) says: " Reports suggest that up to 2000 people stormed the stage and began trashing the band`s equipment. 60 police and fans were injured during the violence. 16 people were arrested. Over $1 million damage was caused in the brand new arena."

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i dont get it, why would anybody trash the bands equipment?

i would fuckin grab all the guitars and let it out of there :P

but thats just me

um when you are trowing chairs etc from 200 feet away god knows what they might hit! ;)


but in the videos it shows people up on the stage next to the equipment.

surely some things must have survived.

But in a way...im not too sure the reports are entirely true

they say ALL the bands equipment was damaged

then what about Duffs bass? the white fender that he still uses to this day. That is still here so im sure the band got off with some of their stuff

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I was just wondering, in Philly 2002, were the rest of the new GnR at the venue waiting around to see if Axl was going to make it? Or did they not show up either?

Did they even check into the hotel that day, or just fly to LA, knowing the tour was over?

I know Dizzy said something like(when asked about what happened in Philly) "..well, you can blame Clear Channel for that."

I think the paying customers in Philly got one hell of a raw deal. The concert was sold out,(not 1/2 filled) and they had to sit thru a no-name opening act, and then a DJ. A DJ???

You could train a chimpanzee to spin records for an hour. I don't care if the DJ had been with the Beastie Boys or not. And then, it was announced that the show was cancelled.

Anyway, does anyone know if Bucket,Tommy,Robin,Brain,Chris, Richard and Dizzy were in Philly when all hell broke loose? If not, where were they? I guess we won't hear from Axl about this riot until he goes out on tour again.

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I didn't know there was a riot. Hahaha.

I think when there's a DJ it means he's the guy who plays music inbetween acts, but if it's a proper DJ then that must've sucked. :angry:


It wasn't as bad as the St.Louis riot in 91. But they did riot, threw some chairs and damaged some of GnR's equipment. It looked like they damaged the soundboard area and camera's.

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