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My Chemical Romance Concert!


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Well this saturday I say MCR live at Eastern Michigan University. I thought they put on a great show! There was a lot of energy throughout there whole performance, and they sounded great. If you don't like they're music, thats okay, but I think they are good. If you have a chance to see them, I would highly recommend it!


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I have only heard one MCR song, and surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. I didn't like it much, but it was better than I was expecting.

If they ever come through here, I'll go to their concert whether I want to or not. I know a girl that is really into them, and would probably force me to come along.

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O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!




THEY SUCK HORRIBLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



lolololololol rofl mao well nice to know u had a good time rock4

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