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Favourite song to rock out to at a gig?


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My fab m8s and i are setting up a huge selection of songs to blast out at our local club (m8s a DJ/drunkie). We've got the usual anthems like Free Bird, All Righ Now, pratically every Guns n' Roses tune but as we're running out of songs could you help? What songs do you think we should play?

(we've got around 750 at the mo)


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Sorry! Am a newbie so don't really know my way around yet.

It's anthing Emo, Heavy Metal or Rock. One specific factor. Must have a brill guitar solo.




Lol :lol: what abput the Ace of Spades by Moterhead i think i could rock out to that orrrr something by Marilyn Manson i can see my self danicing to that shit

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