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Rage Against The Machine

Mama Kin

Whats Your Favourite RATM Song  

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It's a testament to how great they were that Killing In The Name Of isn't the automatic pick. Calm Like A Bomb, Sleep Now In the Fire, Bullet In The Head, Born Of A Broken Man, Bulls On Parade, Vietnow, Wake Up, Bombtrack, etc...this is one of my very favorite bands of all time after just starting to listen to them a couple months ago. I heard Battle of Los Angeles first and didn't think they could possibly beat that, but the debut is so sensational too.

The RATM debut album right there alongsige AFD as my 2 favorites.

Just a great, great, motherfuckin band. Anyone who hasn't listened to their stuff, do it immediately. Totally addicted... rock2

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Killing In The Name.

I know it's such an obvious choice but that song was so radical and original you'd be crazy not to love it.



It's a mind blowing tune, fuck, just great. I'm trying to figure out what's sweeter--the last 60-90 secs of Killing In The Name or Bullet In The Head.

What I would give to see these guys back together for 1 concert!!!!

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no mention of take the power back? my favourite rage song by far fucking great


Slash, that's the thing--they have so many great tunes for a band with only 3 albums of original material. Take The Power Back is awesome indeed. Can't believe how much these guys ROCKED!!! rock3

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