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Low Amount Of GB


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Well here's my situation:

I have a shitty computer, its a windows 2000.

But that doesnt bother me, what does is that the GB Capacity is 15.7!

Thats the total amount, and i've only used 5.46 of it.

So now im down to 10.2 and im runnin outta space for downloads and stuff.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to add more total GB (gigabyte) space on your hard drive with like a chip or something.

Thanks for the help :)

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No, their isnt a way to do that. The easiest thing would to buy an external usb or firewire hard drive. Something like this:


(If you click on the rebate icon it has two $40 rebates to make the total $20!)

Or if you know how to build computers you can add a second internal hard drive.

Since your pc is older you might have lots of junk on it. Download this program, it will free up some space from things like your temp files.


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No mate, doesn't work that way. You can't just add more space to a hard drive -- the capacity it's got is the capacity you're stuck with.

Your options are to either upgrade your hard drive itself. You could either run a second HD for your downloads and still run windows on the first. This would mean you wouldn't have to transfer all your data over. If two hard drives sounds like an issue, then you'd buy a new one and re-install windows on it, transfer everything over etc.

Your other option is to buy an external Hard Drive that plugs in via USB or FireWire (Probably USB judging by the age of your PC). An external hard drive would also allow you to unplug it, take it to someone else's computer and swap music/files/videos/whatever -- they come in handy.

So yeah -- short answer is no, you can't make a Hard Drive bigger. You can upgrade, but that's it.

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could always get a jazz disc drive (if they still make em)


I don't think they make those anymore. Plus, you have to have a SCSI card (I or II) which I don't think they make anymore either. And in addition to all that, those jaz disks get the "clicks" like the zip disks do after a while (meaning they don't work).

A cheap alternative is to burn all your download stuff as files to CD or DVD and keep em that way. Then, when you want to listen to it, just pop the disc in your drive and pull up the file. And as an added benefit, if your computer crashes, you still have all your stuff (!) Plus, it frees up space on your hard drive that way.

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as an ICT Student i would recomend getting a new hardrive (HDD for short).

there is some good deals on Ebay at the moment including a 320GB HDD for only £105 + p+p. in shops you could pay upto and around £300 for that time of HDD. the make "maxator" is a good brand and i currently have a 40GB maxator hard drive and i will be getting a 320GB one soon.


when buying a new hard drive always make sure it is compatable with your motherboard otherwise you have got a serious problem if its an internal one.

you can get external hard drives but i wouldent recomend these as they are USB and takes more power than an internal one

also if you get a dual hard drive set up (both your old and new one at the same time) make sure you have got the setting right and that the new one is "slave".

thats all the information i can give you at the moment sorry if it means nothing to you


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dude 10.5GB isn't bad, you might not realize it but it takes a while to fill that up  :lol:


Then you don't have hight speed download connection....I can download 30gb in one night....so it's not alot....I think my 300gb is getting pritty tight :(

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