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New interview with Dizzy Reed


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September 26th, 2005


MYGNR member interviews Gn'R keyboard player Dizzy Reed.


MYGNRFORUM member Madagascar88 spoke to longstanding Gn'R member Dizzy Reed earlier today about the current situation within the band and what's going on in the Gn'R camp. Reed joined the band in 1990.

Earlier this week rumours began to circulate that a new Gn'R track was to be added to the soundtrack of the 2006 film 'The Da Vinci Code'. When asked about this Dizzy stated that "I don't know anything about it. It's possible but it's something that Axl's dealing with". When asked about this rumour Gn'R manager Merck Mercuriadis stated that "it might be true and that equally well it might not be true."

When asked about fellow Gn'R keyboard player Chris Pitman who joined Gn'R in 1998, Dizzy explained that "he's one of the most talented keyboardists and enjoyable persons to be around that I know and he is still in Guns N' Roses.".

As speculation among fans grows about what will come of the completed work of departed guitarist Buckethead, Dizzy stated that as far as he knows, Buckethead's parts WILL still be on the Chinese Democracy album.

Despite many rumours that the long awaited Gn'R album will surface in early 2006 Dizzy did not rule out a Spring 2006 tour of his side project 'Hookers n' Blow'.

Thanks to Madagascar88


MYGNR Member Madagascar88 interviewed Dizzy Reed on September 26th.


Questions for Dizzy




Dizzy's side project - Hookers and Blow

mygnr.com - Dizzy Reed biography.

Internet Movie Database - The Da Vinci Code

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