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Who Put The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders?


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Listen to "Who Put The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders?"

mp_wmp.gifHi Lo

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Oasis score with new film soundtrack

With no new album due for years, is this the last Oasis track to surface for the


A previously unheard OASIS track will be released on October 3 – and could be

the last from the band for some time to come.

With Noel Gallagher telling NME.COM last week that the band won't release a new

album until at least 2007, possibly even 2010, the band have contributed a brand

new song to the soundtrack of the forthcoming football film 'Goal! The Movie'

called 'Who Put The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders?'.

Written and performed by Noel, insiders who have heard the track revealed: "The

song really feels like a classic Noel-fronted track, it's principally acoustic but has

got really melodic strings all over it."

The track appears to reference the band's current album 'Don't' Believe The Truth'

and the guitarist's contempt for TV news which inspired it, with Noel singing: "Who

put the weight of the world on my shoulders?/ Who put the lies in the truth that

you sold us/ Lost behind a silver screen are all the things you could have been to


"It's a weighty, heart-felt lament from Noel," added the insider, "in a way it sounds

like the other side of the coin to 'Whatever' (1994 single), epic but really soulful."

Noel's contribution to 'Goal!' came about after director Danny Cannon visited him

while the band were recording in Los Angeles earlier this year. Having agreed to

take part, the new track was recorded in London just after the band's short club

show tour in May, and was produced by UNKLE.

The soundtrack also features other rare Oasis material, with an unreleased mix

of 'Morning Glory' by 'Don't Believe The Truth' producer Dave Sardy which adds

an aggressive edge to the track, plus the new UNKLE 'Beachhead' re-recording

of 'Cast No Shadow' featuring Noel on vocals. B-side 'Acquiesce' is not slated for

the soundtrack album, but features in the film itself.

'Goal!' follows the story of a Mexican illegal immigrant who journeys from Los

Angeles to Newcastle hoping to make it as professional footballer, and is released

on September 30.

Source: http://www.nme.com/news/oasis/20892

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