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Neil Young


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I fucking looooooove Neil Young. He's one of my favourite guitarists.

I usually like his sort of heavier stuff more than his softer songs, but his soft songs are still nice such as Heart Of Gold. Like A Hurricane's guitar work is fucking awesome. FUCKING AWESOME.

If you want to see some mind blowing guitar performances that rate with the best of them you should try to find:

Neil Young - Cortez The Killer (At Weld)

Neil Young - Like a Hurricane - (Also At Weld)


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I've normally got one of his cds flying around. Like I've got On The Beach now, it's classic. I dont know much about his history but it might be that his 70s records are way better than his recent out put. Harvest Moon was ok but a little polished. On the Beach is so wacked out it sounds amazing, he sounds so far out on his own and cracked and messed up. the cover is cool theres a cadillac buried in the sand.

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