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Underrated/Overrated Guitar Solos


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led zeppelin are far too overated

i think the buzzcocks ever fallen in love is not noticed too much...it's a catchy one


Zeppelin are not overated, they deliver a mad show unlike Axl fails to do with his so called GNR don't get me wrong i'm a big guns n roses fan just they died out what a decade ago? When you die out in the music industry it will take a miracle to make you top again like Metallica, they were on top of the world now they are under it but back in the day the delivered the whole show!!!

-Sad But True


metallica aren't on the top again,st. anger blows


Yes they are fool, the St. Anger tour was the biggest grossing US Tour of all time.

Metallica are still the biggest band going around today.


Maybe they are still big but that is because of new fans, 95% of all their old fans thinks st.anger sucks

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Nightrain (Outro) - Slash [Guns N' Roses]

Isn't it Izzy who plays that solo?


No. The first solo is played by both. Right after the first chorus, Izzy plays a solo, and halfway through Slash pops in, you can tell because of the slight pause and the change in tone. Slash plays the ending.

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By-Tor and the Snow Dog by Rush - The solo after the silent part of that song is just breathtaking and very underrated.

Tornado of Souls by Megadeth - Most likely one of the most underrated solos of heavy metal.

Let It Be by The Beatles - A very simple solo but very effective and I never hear anything about it. Very underrated.

Hey You by Pink Floyd - Another simple solo, but incredible. It's also underrated like the others.

Achilles Last Stand by Led Zeppelin - A very long solo but it really puts you into the song. Very underrated. If you're looking for a break from the Stairway solo, get into this one.

As someone said before, A lot of Blackmore's playing from Deep Purple is overlooked and very underrated. I don't see the Child in Time solo getting recognized very much and that has to be one of the best solos ever. Also, a ton of songs by Rush and guitar work by Lifeson is overlooked. It's unfortunate that a lot of Rush's work is underrated. I don't want them to be hyped, but they should receive more recognition for their work.

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

Like Suicide - Kim Thayil


Yeah that is a really good one, I'd say anything by Mick Ronson with Bowie is underrated. And Stairway is overrated as a solo but as a song deserves all the praise.

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I would have to say Tony Iommi solos are underrated, he realy kicks ass you try playing his solo's on a guitar. Randy Rhoads solo's are also underrated and alot of Iron Maiden solo's (Paschendale is my favorite Maiden Solo). but the greatest and most underrated solo's are done by K.K Downing (And yes i am Bias towards Judas Priest but i dont care, theres still logic to my arguement). He did the solo's in songs like "Love Bites", "Locked In", "Painkiller" (and yes there WAS a solo in Painkiller that K.K did its just realy short.) just to name a few songs but in the end Glenn Tipton gets the glory cause he does them in live preformances, the best example is K.K's "Freewheel burning" solo in the studio version he did the solo but in the concert the Priest held at Dallas Texas you'll see Glenn playing the solo. so i'll end it here K.K Downing is underated.

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Iron Maiden solo's (Paschendale is my favorite Maiden Solo).


ooooooooo, i LOVE those solos. Dave's first, then keychanges into Adrians and a bit later on another key change to Janicks. Bloody awesome stuff.

Out of all of them though, Adrian has the best solos, his one in Powerslave is phernominal, for someone to solo that good in the ancient Eygptian scale takes skill.

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Slash - Sweet Child O' Mine = Still a kick ass solo, but not top 5 of all time or anything like that

Jimmy Page - Stairway To Heaven = Exactly the same, great, not top 5

Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie = He's written better


Buckethead - Nottingham Lace = Perfect piece of guitar music, a series of awesome riffs to a mindblowing solo at the end

Gers/Murray - Be Quick Or Be Dead = Generally underrated song, awesome album opener and the two solos together are both awesome

Joe Satriani - Friends = This should get more mentions, awesome music

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